Foreign Guardians

Energy Vampires can suck it.


Wondering through the woods alone gives one time to consider many things. Our team seems to become more and more fractured as of late, and the fact that we all left the battle separately only goes to solidify this thought. Even M’Lady seems more distant as of late. My first thought it is Harkonan’s fault, as most things usually are. But it seems that if we are not together it must be all of our faults, and not the fault of any single person. I am still trying to bond myself with that repulsive brute Harkonan, though quite a challenge it is turning out to be. Though Teb can’t help but feel that Teb has been neglecting the group as a whole. These thoughts seem to lift the heavy baggage that Teb has been carrying inside. Teb then realized that the lightened weight was not his thoughts, but the fact that somewhere in Teb’s trudging the dead body Teb had been dragging back to Moriel had torn off at the soldier, and must be lying somewhere along the path sans its left arm.
Teb finds Moriel at Tim’s place she and Teb make haste back to camp, but it is clear she is still withdrawn. Back at camp we find Harkonan and Zog and in approaches Guy as well. Teb is pleasantly surprised to find the two captives still alive. Teb does not know whether to attribute this to Zog’s guidance or Harkonan’s possible decency. Either way Harkonan followed as he was instructed and that pleases me. I will reward the descent behavior and heal Harkonan to his fullest. It seems Shinzon has not made his way back, this is very odd. He usually is quite swift of foot. Teb uses Shinzon metal spike to find out where he is. An image quickly comes to Teb’s mind, it would appear he has been captured and is currently shackled in some dungeon. This saddens Teb, but it will make it a bit easier to keep Harkonan alive. Teb then learns that M’Lady wishes to stay behind, Teb is not sure what her motivations are, but she gives Teb a look that tells Teb that it would be useless to argue. I wonder what she is playing at. I am quite tempted to mind read, but this would be very rude. It’s best just to fulfill her wishes
We then travel towards the town making a stop back at the tower to visit Harkonan’s burly friend Kyle. While they play grab ass and such Teb goes to find Illandra. She is busy deciphering the walls. But she seems pleased to see us. In talking to her she asks about Teb’s wife. This shames Teb. How is it that nobody can understand Teb’s actions where M’Lady is concerned? It would seem that everyone either thinks that Teb is a copulating partner for M’Lady, or is a slave with no free will of his own. Teb thought the illustrious Illandra would understand more than others. After all, much like Teb himself, Illandra chooses to serve others. Teb simply chooses to serve a much smaller population. There is no shame in devotion to service. Quite the opposite, there is great pride in it. The Stroms’ have done so much for my lineage, it is the least Teb can do to serve and protect what will likely become the greatest of all Stroms.
While traveling, Teb decided to strike up a conversation with the now waking captives. It would appear that whatever happened in the camp. Their memories have been altered. It seems they cannot recall the attack or anything. This would appear to be quite to our fortune. Teb decided to try to understand their city and culture a bit more. It turns out that the people of this land are completely unaware of any notion that there are lands outside their own. Teb doubts that they will react kindly to such a revelation. In fact this could be the cause of the current situation surrounding Tim. We must be careful. It would also appear that appearing as we do with much darker skin than these two is often a sign of coming from a much lesser area that we later discover to be called “the lowlands”. This could be both to our benefit and to our detriment. Teb also inquires as to the view of this country’s citizens on the use of mind powers. It would appear that there are a group of people in the town that have mind powers like Teb, they are incredibly feared and wield a heavy amount of influence. As we approached the great city the guards make it clear that Teb will indeed be viewed as a lesser being due to the current hue of Teb’s skin. Zog however is met with an inordinate amount of respect. This too can be used to our edge
The rest of the party want to and have drinks. How unprofessional. M’Lady has commanded Teb to be her eyes on this place and Teb thinks it best for her eyes not to be doing anything as useless as watching Guy and Zog guzzle down a Tankard or two of Ale. Teb decides to go off in search of some information, and as in most large cities, there must be a center of information, and Teb intends to find it and use it to his advantage. Teb walks towards the library unhindered by his companions. A sharp pain occurs, and then a cold feeling sweeps through Teb…No, not THROUGH Teb, it came FROM Teb, OUT of Teb. Something is pulling Teb’s mind energy straight from his body. And there is Harkonan it is clear he felt something too. Teb adjust’s my eyes for the unseen and notice that there are a number of unusual people, one of which seems to robbing Harkonan of his energy, and then Teb notice’s the one that has robbed Teb of his, but only a second too late, and just as Harkonan runs screaming like a small scared child. Teb must admit that this is a side of Harkonan that Teb does not dislike seeing, a child can be taught. But now Teb is defenseless. Teb chases after the being even though he makes it clear that he does not wish to be chased. The energy vampires must have found Teb delicious, because he agrees to share more under the condition that Teb meets him for another feeding. It may be draining but given time Teb can always make more. Information however does not diminish nor regenerate. Teb must learn more. He continues to the library but with a definite purpose in mind. Teb sees Harkonan and Guy with another man, although they do not see Teb.
The Library does little to aid Teb in his quest for knowledge. So it seems that Teb must rely solely on the source himself to reveal the information that Teb seeks

To Be continued

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“Teb simply chooses to serve a much smaller population.” Slight understatement. Good luck with those “energy vampires.”

Energy Vampires can suck it.

It’s Teb logic. don’t criticize it.

Energy Vampires can suck it.

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