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Mom and Pops,

I know that I will not be able to physically deliver this letter to you, but it helps me to imagine that you will be there at home to receive it. How the afterlife works, I do not know. Perhaps you are reading this over my shoulder at this very moment. I just wanted to take this time to tell you a little bit about what I am doing here, you know… to help me cope with what has happened. Do not worry, I have not forgotten about my mission and the entirety of my life is dedicated to your vengeance. That said, I love you very much and you are in my thoughts every day.

Zog and I had a run in with one of the locals on this crazy island. Turns out his name is Hans and he and his brother Franz are archaeologists. Long story short, they were interested in our “old coins” that we had from Timiro and we agreed to take them on an expedition with their crew to the old tower. I was a bit worried how they would handle finding out that the expedition was a deception, but we decided to tell them straight up what was going on and they were fine with that. They decided to join us and help us look for clues regarding our mission.

Once back at camp, we met with General Rezan, along with our new experts Hans and Franz. As Shinzon’s replacement, the general also introduced us to our newest party member Rygel. He was a dark skinned elf conjurer. He seemed to be very much a gentleman and I was pleased to have his company. During the meeting, the archaeologists reported on an ancient temple in the lowlands that may be related to the tower that we had found. Maybe it had similar runes or other clues that we could investigate. Illandra was gracious enough to give us a blessing before we departed.

We had a bit of downtime in the camp, and it had been a while since I had had a bath. Oh how I love my rose petal baths. Rygel had mentioned that, as a conjurer, he could help out and summon the baths for us. What a spectacle that was! Curiously, he mentioned that he could turn the water into wine and I thought to myself, “what the hell, why not?” Zog had recently gotten me onto his pipe weed and I think I was a little more open to suggestion than usual. Anyway, it was a good time. I noticed Harkonan had taken Rygel on a woman hunt that turned into a man hunt that turned into a little bit of grab-ass with Kyle. I just shook my head and chuckled. The Zog/Kyle arm wrestling match was also some great entertainment. I placed my bet on Zog – who in their right mind would bet against a troll his size? And of course he won.

It was finally time to depart on our next expedition to the lowlands. For some reason we had four of us leading the party, which included Zog, Rygel, Harkonan, and of course myself. Everytime Harkonan helps lead, we end up going in the wrong direction. I swear, for some reason we ended up on a cliff at the coast and Harkonan must have clouded my judgement! Well, since we were lost we were trying to find our way any way we could. Teb tried clairvoyance to no avail. Harkonan attempted to talk to some seagulls. After a while Teb and Zog had realized they both had the same visions or dreams of some chalk drawing in the middle of a battlefield. We decided to head inland towards the east and eventually found our way.

After a while of travelling, Zog had spotted some armed men that seemed like we should avoid them. We decided to go around the long way, even though it would take a bit of time extra to reach the lowlands. Having safely avoided a nasty situation, we set up camp for the night. Moriel and her partner’s watch went smoothly and they awoke Rygel and me for our round. Everything was quiet, like most nights, until we heard the sound of someone behind us in the cover of the forest. I drew my bow and shouted “Who’s there?” while Rygel ran to awake the others. There was a mage and his henchmen there to kill us and they instantly attacked. Two of them ended up being a couple guys we had help earlier on named Phil and Steve and tried to alleviate the situation. The mage, however, was relentless and had us all trapped in some sort of… circle… The one from the visions! During the whole thing I must have been hit on the head. I vaguely remember Teb’s voice, trying to organize our group to get out of the situation. He was vigorously erasing and drawing on the ground where all the symbols were. I had passed out and awoke in a field with the rest of the party. We had made it safely to the lowlands! The rest of our journey continues…






You can still Trust in Teb, even in my log post.

Guy Has Something To Say

Tough way to travel.

Guy Has Something To Say

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