Foreign Guardians

Harkonan's new puppies


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So, my companions and I had just defeated the worthless scum who ambushed us. Two of the archers had got away, and all that remained were the two cowardly bounty hunters we had captured. Oh how I wish I could have exacted my true justice on them, but the troll was protecting them. I did, on the other hand, claim the ears and spines of my victims.
As we were claiming the spoils of battle, it became apparent that Moriel had stormed off, so my companions split up. Zog and I made plans to deliver the prisoners to the general. I was hoping to find an opportunity to exact my justice on the prisoner, but the troll was most vigilant on the protection of the pitiful cowards. Teb and Guy went off to look for Moriel. I cared not were the two others went. My main purpose was to exact my justice. So the troll and I finally made it to the camp and delivered the cowards to the glorious General Rezan. I pleaded to the general to have the opportunity to execute the prisoners but was told he had more important plans for them.
I was depressed about my situation, I was allowed to take slaves, yet the people I captured I was unable to own. So I used the loot from the last battle to trade for two incredible war hounds. Their names are Nerro and Caligula. Fierce names for fierce companions. I went around the camp to look for some equipment for my war hounds. I had the smithy fashion my hounds some jaw clamps, I have never in my life been more happy and pleased.
It was not long before my comrades finally showed up. Everybody reported to the general and we rested for the remainder of the day. The following morning we received instructions by the general to take the prisoners back to the city…..this did not sit well with me. To add insult to injury, the fools were asleep and we had to carry them. Zog being the cleverest of the group took it upon himself to carry the prisoners himself. The only way I would have carried them would be at the tip of my spear. We were about half way to the city when the lazy fools wake up. The fools remembered nothing. Their memory was completely erased. No matter though, their ignorance will not save them. We made up a lie, and had the fools lead us into the city. We found out that the city was full of pasty skinned racists; they looked down on the Low-Landers. I wonder if they will look down on me with my spear pointed between their eyes. They lead us to a tavern, I’m not sure what the purpose of being there was, but this made no difference to me. I took it upon myself to find the most attractive and lustful women in the tavern. I did a wonderful job of seducing her and took her from her father’s company to go on a walk with me. I was having a swell time, and I was so close to robbing her maidenhood, when I felt a sharp cut and my magical essence fled from me, I panicked and turned myself invisible. There was a crowd and I could not see who was casting these spells. I an attempt to flee, I casted thunderclap and ran out of the city as fast as I could. I left my companions with my trusty hounds.
I ran for miles and miles when I heard a strong powerful voice shout stop. I turned around and saw a man in skin tight plate mail. I thought to myself “I am not in any condition to fight this powerful foe”. He told me he was a judge, and asked me why I had performed a spell in the public. I, of course, told him the truth, that there were some cowards I could not see attempting to murder me, and I only cast the spell in my own defense The judge asked me to allow him to read my thoughts to judge whether I was lying or not. I showed him I was in fact not lying, and I truly was under attack. The judge then asked me to return to the city to assess the situation more closely. Of course for fear of my life and not knowing how the people would react to the fact I am not of the land, I lied. I told the plated fool that I was in a hurry to return home. Of course he asked me why, so I told him my wife was giving birth and was alone and needed me quickly. The fool believed me, and told me he was going to follow me to my situation………I’m not sure how I‘m going to get myself out of this situation……….

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