Foreign Guardians

Saz finally meets us, but does not meet our blades (sorry , Guy)


While we are contemplating the new information regarding a terrible beast that has been terrorizing the town, news reaches the Mayor’s ear regarding a new attack. We decide to follow, in hopes that new information about our foe will present itself. As we follow the Mayor we learn from one of the citizens that a young lady was attacked and it was quite gruesome, and this attack was unique in four important respects: it happened during the day and far too soon, there were witnesses, the chosen victim was indoors at the time, and the residence was ablaze. Not the beasts typical Modus Operandi. While we are busy investigating, Harkonan took the opportunity to endear him to the masses, and they seem to take to him rather well. Hmm good for him, it must be a nice change for Harkonan to be liked by other people. On our way back to the Mayor’s manor, Moriel pulls Teb aside to discuss her suspicions about Harkonan. It would seem that his actions directly following the attack seemed quite odd, and she has reason to distrust him. We will have to bring this to his attention later to sort out the details. We catch up to the rest of the group and begin to discuss the recent happenings with the Mayor. It would seem that she has hidden powers and knows a bit more than she is letting on. Prior to the attacks it seems a hag came to door and threatened horrible things should the town not relinquish their first-born children. Well we must put a stop to this now.

We travel off into the wilderness after we are ready and, nothing seems to happen for a while. We make good progress, while in our travels I get a vision of a table in the middle of the forest plentifully filled with food. Teb’s not sure what this means but it should prove interesting. Soon though, we come across the very table. Most prefer to walk around it but a voice calls to us to join him. A curious fellow with wings and a tail is fluttering about and he wishes to have words with us. M’Lady takes her seat and Teb stands by her side. Guy seems uncharacteristically cross, but shouldn’t be too much of a worry. In talking to this strange creature he seems to want to help us for mutual gain. Teb can’t say he trusts them explicitly as well, but that does not mean he cannot prove himself useful. But before Teb realizes it, Guy is on the rampage. Probing his mind simply shows that Guy is after Saz for being an Imp. Saz has yet to do anything to lose any trust (although not doing anything to gain it), and can yet be useful in either case. Teb must stop this, he is behaving so… so…Harkonanly! This will not do at all. Teb protects the creature until this could be sorted. His bubble may be protecting the imp but it also will prevent him from escaping, provided he doesn’t have one of those ruddy teleport spells. Guy, tries in vain to burst Teb’s bubble, but he should know better, nothing has been able to get though before and nothing will get through now. Teb tries to reason with him, but it seems best to just let him run out of steam. When he trudges off with the rest of the party it gives Teb a chance to speak with Saz. He tells Teb that the creature we seek will be found where we are heading, seems rather convenient.

When we join back up, we walk in silence. It seems we are at odds with each other. When we finally stop for a rest we discuss the recent events. It comes out that Guy has good reason to hate demons, his prejudice is not unjustified. He has had quite a sorted past. What is worrying is the completely unjustified prejudice he has for changelings. I do not want to see our party divided. How would guy react to find out a very trusted, or a very UNtrusted member of our group were one of these creatures he fears so much. Teb knew this secret was important but Teb never knew how important it was. M’Lady calls Teb away; she fears what I will say next. She worries so much, she is kind to Teb. But while we are waiting she decides that it is time to check with Harkonan on the mysterious events a few days ago. Other than making it clear that it Harkonan was not there when the events took place but instead was characteristically inside a woman at the time, M’Lady also succeeds in driving a wedge between herself and Harkonan. She is ruining everything I have worked so hard for. I order Moriel to stay behind while Harkonan and I have private words. It seems he now trusts none save me, and even them I am not sure how much I am trusted. Harkonan sits and meditates, and I decide to join him. As we meditate through the night.

To Be continued

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