Foreign Guardians

Trust in Teb


Teb is glad to be amongst friends and Harkonan. And with the loss of Shinzon, it seems that General Rezan has found someone else to round out our team. A Dark skinned Elf named Rygel has joined our ensemble. Rygel I’m certain will be most baffled by the strange array of companions. The group does get the small pleasure of a friendly wager between friends. A battle of strength between Zog and Kyle. Should be a simple enough wager, but M’Lady has wagered on the side of Kyle. M’Lady does not like to lose. Should she be expecting Teb to “assist” as he used to do for her back in more familiar times? She Mind whispers in confirmation. Teb lifts with Kyle but alas Zog gets tremendously lucky and wins. Well as the day progresses Rygel is exposed to more of our group, including Harkonan. I’m not sure if Harkonan is acting up to show off in front of a new companion, or he is genuinely this sadistic. He has embellished his armor with human remains. I can barley hold my disgust, and it seems that others are just as furious at this. Keeping Harkonan not only alive but part of our group may not be as easy as I thought.

Teb is informed that we are likely to find a clue to the mystery of the tower at a Temple in the Lowlands. This should not be a problem especially considering the fact that Guy, Rygel, Harkonan, and Zog all seem to have a good idea of which direction to go. So Moriel and Teb follow. It is a short time until they lead Teb to what it clearly not the destination they intended. Harkonan attempts his usual trickery with birds. Maybe one day it will work. Teb will try to see if his visions can give some sort of clue. Teb sits and Teb sees. Teb sees a Circle and Teb’s friends in the circle then the word “Mines” which is erased and replaced by the phrase “Nettle Lowlands”, and then some chaos and a net. Well it may not have told Teb much about where we are headed but it must be important, especially considering the fact that Zog seems to have had the same premonition. Once the sad navigators have an idea of which direction to travel they lead. Zog then tells of an ambush awaiting us ahead. It seems someone has a major grudge against Teb or the group. I ask Harkonan if he wishes to charge headfirst into this ambush. I will allow him to, but he is to understand that I will not be following this time, and neither will any of the others. He declines. Ahhh, so Harkonan can learn and grow it seems. Good to know.

The trap is easily avoided, and Teb feels safe as camp is made for the night. That is until a sneaky little man is caught around the outskirts of out camp. He is definitely up to something. When Zog summons a light to see our enemy, there are some familiar faces. It would appear that Stephen, Phillip, and one of their archer friends have returned and intend harm. Upon seeing Teb, Phillip and Stephen do not wish to fight. Can Harkonan see the value of Mercy? Two men who could have just as easily been enemies, are trying to come to our defense. Oh and that blasted Archer. The torments that he gave Zog during the last encounter cause Teb to make his isolation a priority. With him Teb traps Steve and Phillip. This may be for the best, it will protect them from the most unpredictable of our group. Teb is pleased. But then the enemy mage stick each of us to the ground and tries to throw a net on Zog, but misses. Even in this disjointed group Teb and company are still formidable. The mage mutters something about sending us away. That’s when Teb sees it, a circle of magic on the ground, he means to teleport us to…the mines?….THIS WAS WHAT TEB’S VISION MEANT!!!! We not only can escape these determined assassins, but we can skip days of travel and being lost. Teb is clever. Teb subtly changes the destination. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. But No, Harkonan has to screw everything up. They are all trying to slay the Mage that is going to send us to our goal. Harkonan doesn’t listen. Teb repeats over and over “Get in the damn circle”, “leave the mage alone”, “Trust in Teb”. If all would simply listen to Teb thing would be so much simpler.

Harkonan finally obeys me, but does so in his own style. Deciding to slay the one opponent left in the circle. I cannot control Harkonan entirely. As long he is not killing the mage my plan will still work. But Zog does not like it, and Teb knows he is right. Zog tries to save the man’s life but Harkonan takes it as an attack. Harkonan responds how one would expect Harkonan to respond: Badly. He traps Zog. I’ve had enough of Harkonan’s misbehaving for today. I isolate him to stop the issue. We just need to wait to avoid trouble and they can’t even do that.

But in the end Teb’s plan comes through. Has Harkonan become closer to being cured? Has he learned from the many lessons of these past days? Can I still save his life? Will our group know to Trust in Teb? Teb can only wonder.

To Be continued

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“Ahhh, so Harkonan can learn and grow it seems.” I am not so sure….

Trust in Teb

I love how Harkonan gets the blame for the kill. Are you sure it was him?

Trust in Teb

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