Follower of Moriel

Name Teb
Rank 3rd Level
Race Human
Real Name Tonkselemnysang

HT 5’0" Save vs Magic +0
WT 150 lbs Save vs Psionics +8
PPE 21 Save vs Illusion +0
HP 20 Save vs poison +0
SDC 19 Save vs horror +5
ISP 195 Save vs coma/death +0%
Exp. See Exp. Page Save vs Disease +0
Birthday 22 Save vs Possession +5
HTH: Martial Save vs Insanity +4
Gold 147 Eastern, 90 Timiro Save vs Telepathic probes & Mind Control +2
Alignment Scrupulous Save vs Mind Controlling Drugs, Potions, and Magic
AR 0
HF 10
Trust/Intimidate 50%
Attribute Score COMBAT Bonus
IQ 14 Strike +2
ME 21 Parry +5
MA 18 Dodge +5
PS 12 Roll +4
PP 12 Pull +3
PE 10 Initiative +0
PB 8 Damage +0
SPD 19 Disarm +2
Critical 20 Attacks 5
Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown
Swords 1 +2 +1
Paired: Swords 1
Armor AR SDC
Plate Mail 17 138
Studded Leather 13 38
Weapons: Damage Range
Magic Rapier 3D6
Long Sword (2) 2D6
Silver Dagger 1D6 40’
OCC Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total % Secondary Skills Base % CL-A C-R Total %
Math Basic 45+5 20 1 3 70% Running 1 3
Language:Elven 98 1 3 98% Boxing 1 3
Language: Eastern 40+5 15 1 3 65% Swimming 40+5 1 3 50%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 15 1 3 65% Horsemanship:General 35/20 +5 1 3 45/30%
WP Swords 1 3 NA
WP Paired Weapons 1 3 NA
HTH: Martial 1 3 NA
OCC Related Skills Base % OCC B+ CL-A C-R Total %
Literacy: Elven 30+5 10 1 3 50%
Lore: Demon & Monster 25+5 10 1 3 45%
Prowl 25+5 0 1 3 35%
Lore: Magic 25/15/10+5 10 3 3 35/25/20%

Special Skills: Psionics

Mind Mage Powers Type L-A C-L ISP Cost Range Duration Save Description
Mind Block Physical 1 3 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Alter Aura Physical 1 3 2 Self 1 hour/lev None XP lev 1-2 or 2D4 higher than actual, conceal psionics, magic, PPE, health
Nightvision Physical 2 3 4 600’ 10 min/lev None Must be some source of light.
Meditation Sensitive 1 3 0 Self Varies None Recover 12 ISP/hr
See Aura Sensitive 1 3 6 60’ Visible 2 melees None Low, Med, or High XP, Presence of magic, psionics, aberration, possession. High/low PPE. Healthy/sick.
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 3 2 90’ Varies None 6 Init, 2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks
Sense Magic Sensitive 3 3 3 120’ 2 min/lev None Near or far, enchantment, current magic use
Telepathy Sensitive 3 3 4 60’ surface thoughts / 140’ two-way communiation 2 min/lev Conditional Read surface thoughts or short two way communication. See Book
Bio-Regeneration Healing 1 3 6 Self Instant None After concentrating for 1 minute, heal 2D6 HP & 3D6 SDC
Healing Touch Healing 1 3 6 Touch Instant None 1D8 HP or 2D6 SDC 2 minute long trance
Exorcism Healing 1 3 10 8’ Instant None 30 minutes prep, then 6D6 with possessed person Exorcism 28+ 7/lev if success Banished 21+7/lev current 28/21%
Teleport Object Physical 1 3 10 50’/lev Instant None 1 lb/lev 50’/level
Telekinesis Physical 1 3 Varies 60’ 2 min/lev Dodge +3 Strike, +4 Parry (parry w/tk force 8 ISP
Impervious to Poison/Toxic Physical 1 3 4 Self 2 min None Identify poisons: 30+4/lev curred 30% / +2 to Save vs poisons and drugs
Clairvoyance Sensitive 1 3 4 Self 6D6 Melee rounds None 58+2 /lev current 58% See Book
Mind Block Sensitive 1 3 4 Self 10 min/lev None Completely block psychic/mental emanations +1 Saver vs all psychic and mental attacks
Object Read Sensitive 1 3 6 Touch Varies None Impressions 56+2% Images 48+2% Present 38+2% Present takes an additional 4 ISP. Either impressions or images must be successful to be attempted. Current 56/48/38%
Mind Block Auto-Defense Super 1 3 - Self Varies None automatically blocks probes
Telekinetic Force Field Super 1 3 30 40’/lev 10 min/lev None Force Field 30 SDC/lev Self or 10’/lev bubble. Air tight.
Pyrokinesis Super 1 3 Varies Varies Varies Varies See Book
Telekinesis (Super) Super 2 3 Varies 100’/lev 2 min/lev Dodge 10 ISP/100 lbs Damage 1D4x10/100lbs
Group Mind Block Super 2 3 22 120’ 10 min/lev None Everyone within 120’ radius mind blocked
Hypnotic Suggestion Super 2 3 6 12’ Varies Std Simple Hypnosis.
Psi Sword Super 3 3 30 Self 5 min/lev None 4D6 Damage 1 attack concentration to activate. (Flamberge Rapier)
Bio Manipulation Super 3 3 10 160’ 4D4 Min Std See Book
Empathic Transmition Super 3 3 6 60’ 2D6 Minutes Std Allows the psychic to instill a powerful emotion into another living creature. See Book.

Two sets of clothing, an expensive cloak or cape,
expensive leather boots, belt, blanket, backpack, two medium-sized
sacks, six small sacks, a water skin, food rations for 3 weeks, a
pocket mirror, a tin of snuff, a tinder box, Zog’s Mushroom, Moriel’s dagger, Harkonan’s rope, Guy’s cloth, and Shinzon’s Iron Spike, and Tim’s spoon, Horace donation bag.

Teb’s lineage has been in servitude to the House of Strom for many generations, and as such they are never really given last names. As such if they ever MUST use a last name they usually claim MoolEn’Strom (literally “Servants of Strom” in Elven). It is unclear when Teb’s family became the servants of the Stroms, as it was so long ago, but both houses know the basic story why; and they NEVER talk about it. Teb’s family is always held above all other servants in the household and simultaneously oversee the day to day runnings of the house and also those things that are done behind closed doors. Essentially they are the confidants, advisers, caretakers, butlers, bodygaurds, escorts, squires, and all-around swiss-army-knives of servants for the Stroms.

Although not a universal demeanor of the Serving MoolEn’Stroms, like most of them Teb loves his masters and appreciates his place. But Teb loves none of his masters more than Moriel. Teb’s Mother delivered Moriel, and noticed what could only be described as “the spark”, and later told her Parents that this meant that she had the potential to follow any number of a dozen fates to the ends of the world. Moriel’s mother’s response to this was “That is a dangerous thing for a young lady. Never speak of it again.”. and it never was.

Although, while still very young, Teb’s proclivity towards Psyonics allowed for him to learn of Moriel’s unique nature from his mother without any words being spoken. Teb bound himself to Moriel from this moment forward. Making a secret vow to atune his own skills to be as useful to her as he could. Teb and Moriel grew close over their years together. Teb would cover for Moriel when he could, as well as urge her to be the best she could be. It was rare that you would see Moriel walking the grounds of her home without seeing Teb by her side. Even when he wasn’t he could usually be found hiding 30 feet behind her, pretending not to be by her side.

When Moriel rebeled against her parents. Teb was heartbroken. He did not want to betray the house but knew it would be impossible for him to ever leave Moriel’s side. He approached her father with a simple request, “May it be my responsibility to always protect the life of your daughter?”. After receiving a tear filled nod, Teb disappeared from the house for years. He followed Moriel around the kingdoms as she engaged in unreputable behaviour. He stayed in the shadows providing what aid he could. On several instance Teb used his abilities to divert the authorities away from Moriel.

But this all changed the day that Moriel’s accomplices at the time targeted Teb himself. Upon his capture, Moriel realized who he was, and found out that he had again been by her side even when she didnt know it. Whether Teb cause Moriel to abandon her ruthless ways or it was something else. Teb is not sure. but it soon became claer that she was not be returning to that life nor would she be returning to her old one. Teb told her that it did not matter, he would remain by her side until his task was done.






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